The most secure, efficient way to delete phone data & give your customers Peace of Mind. Check out our options and features included.

MobileZapper™ is incredibly fast and fully secure.

Phone Flashed
Physical QA
Data Deletion
Label Print/ESN Check

Our Features


100% of your customer data will be protected using MobileZapper™


MobileZapper™ complies with world-wide refurbishment standards

Increased Efficiency

Phones are wiped within minutes. Up to 7 phones can be wiped at once.


Streamlined deletion process increases your employees' productivity.

Lowers Costs

Decrease labor costs and increase throughput.

Label Printing

Automatic label printing eliminates the possibility of errors.

Reporting Server

Reporting server will give insight into the handset models processed, processing time and IMEIs/ESNs associated with the phones.


You can use MobileZapper™ on any number of computers.

and more...

MobileZapper™ has been tested to work with over 4,000 phone models through our extensive in-house library.
Our company, Susteen Inc. has been a leader in mobile data management for over 20 years. We are the creators of the famous DataPilot™ software, and we are also an industry leader in Data Recovery. Our Forensic software is used by the FBI, Secret Service, and countless police departments.
Our support is fast and reliable - our support team is located in the U.S., and we do not use any overseas call centers.

We're not the only ones excited about MobileZapper...

5,500 customers in 100 countries use MobileZapper™. Meet our customers.